Kryptonite for Gov’t Supremacists & Woke Swamp Dwellers

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(The overreach, the hubris, and the stooopidity of the political class is causing a different kind of "woke." Not just Traditional Southerners, but people in every section of America, Canada, and Europe are noticing a course change and acceleration pointing Western Civilization straight off the cliff. The question is if the common man is mad enough yet. Politics as usual ain’t gonna cut it anymore – DD)
Patriotism Is Kryptonite to America’s Communist Class
(J.B. Shurk, NOQ Report) Project Veritas’s whistleblower materials revealing that the FBI views the Gadsden and Betsy Ross flags, the Liberty Tree, and a smorgasbord of other Revolutionary War symbols as evidence of domestic terrorism are just further proof that the feds’ secret police force no longer bleeds red, white, and blue (although it does probably give new recruits hammer and sickle tattoos).
A federal agency with both intelligence-gathering and law enforcement functions is dangerous enough to any free society, but one that openly views the spirit of 1776 as a threat to the Republic has lost any vestige of a more noble purpose to defend the country from its enemies.
Something is surely rotten at the Bureau when it is more than willing to “take a knee” in a Marxist show of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter anti-American anthem protesters but denigrates pro-American emblems as evidence of violent extremism. Independence Day celebrations each year must be grueling for federal agents trying to protect the nation from its own rebellious past. Now that patriotic displays of affection for the country have been relabeled as potential signs of domestic terrorism…
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