Lawmakers across US seek to keep Confederate monuments standing

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(Washington Examiner) – Republican lawmakers have spent the last decade working to pass laws that will cement the existence of Confederate statues in their states — literally.

Since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, over 200 Confederate memorials have been taken down, but GOP members have found ways to make statues of U.S. history permanent. The Southern Poverty Law Center determined that, as of February 2022, there are 723 monuments, 741 roadways, and 201 schools honoring Confederates.

Liberal activists say the monuments misrepresent history, while conservative lawmakers argue that the memorials are a part of U.S. history and should be preserved.

The vast majority of memorials are located in former Confederate states, as well as Washington, D.C., and border states. Since 2013, over 100 monument protection bills have been introduced across 21 states…

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