Lee Rides Again!

(After events of the recent week, I heard several people wonder if the Charlottesville Lee Statue had been scanned or otherwise preserved for a planned rebuild elsewhere. Here’s your answer courtesy of the Gordonsville Grays SCV Camp. Please support their worthy efforts! – DD)

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Fundraising update and statement on the melting down of Charlottesville’s Lee monument
(Gordonsville Grays) – We are now just over $70,000 raised toward the new Lee monument! Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. Our sculptor Tom Gallo has been hard at work on refining the clay model and we will be posting updated photos of his work in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, please read our public statement from 10/28/23:

“By now you’ve probably heard that Charlottesville’s Lee monument has been melted down. We’ve been told this was necessary for ‘healing’ and ‘reconciliation’. The statue was melted in secret, supposedly out of fear that hate groups would target the foundry. The irony is that the Charlottesville City Council and the Jefferson school were the only hate groups involved in the recent court case and destruction of the monument.

Everything they’ve done has been motivated by a hatred for Robert E Lee and those who admire him. City Council gave the monument to the Jefferson school out of hatred, knowing their plan was to melt it down. They removed it and cut it into small pieces out of hatred. They delayed and obfuscated the court case out of hatred (even hatred for the rule of law). They published photos of Lee’s head in the furnace out of hatred. They’ve chosen the anniversary of the statue’s unveiling to announce the selection of a new design out of hatred. Their campaign has been one of division, vindictiveness, and spite, not healing and reconciliation.

The Gordonsville Grays, however, have never been motivated by…

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