Leftists Hate The Minutemen Mascot Because They Love Tyranny

(As I’ve said many times. You don’t have to be Confederate to draw the hatred of the Amerikan left – DD)

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(The Federalist) – Leftist activists have had a heyday dutifully marching through America’s beloved institutions, tearing down history and tradition. From NFL teams to high school mascots, from band names to street signs, it seems nothing is so sacred to escape the cultural undoing.

The 2020 fight to rename the Washington Redskins — which became simply the “Football Team” (so original) for two years before landing on the “Commanders” moniker — was described at the time as a crusade for wokeness, and that was correct in part. So-called social justice warriors love to signal their virtue on all things racial and ethnic.

But more than merely having an affinity for wokeness, they love tyranny. If that weren’t obvious before, it is now with their latest target: the Minutemen mascot of a California high school.

The board of the Bay Area’s Mount Diablo Unified School District voted last week to retire its “Minutemen” mascot in favor of a new mascot: the “Bears.” The Minutemen aren’t gender-inclusive, some whined. Others took offense at the mascot holding a musket, making a fantastical mental leap from muzzle-loaded colonial firearms to school shootings.

“It’s time for new attitudes,” said board member Linda Mayo. “And if changing a mascot will make students feel welcomed, embraced and empower[s] them to…

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