Liberty is what’s missing from July 4 holiday

(Somewhere along the Madison Avenue line, our sacred Independence Day became only the commercial 4th of July. That means about as much as Cinco de Mayo ever did in Mexico. They don’t even get the day off. In fact, government-supremacists and the MSM seem a lot more enthusiastic about Cinco de Mayo and it’s accompanying beer sales – DD)

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(Kent McManigal, Eastern New Mexico News) – I miss Independence Day.

Independence Day was once a celebration of liberty; a tribute to revolution, insurrection, and secession. It has mutated into a day to worship government and its employees. It has become a parody of itself.

Maybe this is why it is more commonly known today as “the Fourth of July.” This downplays its anti-government roots and dismisses independence.

Of course, most of this happened before I was born, so what I miss is the idea of an Independence Day I’ve never really known, at least not in mainstream society. One I celebrate by myself if no one else joins me.

For a watered-down Fourth of July we are distracted with fireworks displays presented by government, and often told we aren’t allowed to independently shoot off fireworks.

We are encouraged to celebrate government employees rather…

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