Liberty MO mayor calls citizen a ‘Confederate coward’ in heated statue debate

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(Kansas City Star) The Liberty mayor faced off with a community member at Monday’s city council meeting who made continued comments regarding a years-long debate over a Confederate statue in a cemetery blocks from the city’s downtown square.

Dwayne Holtzclaw, who said he’s spoken at more than 70 city council meetings, said the city is disrespecting veterans through a continuing civil lawsuit to gain ownership of the land the statue sits on.

“Simply a coward does this,” he said, when Mayor Greg Canuteson interrupted.

“I don’t think anybody is attacking an American grave of an American veteran,” Canuteson replied.

“I don’t need to listen to you anymore,” Canuteson, who was elected in April, continued. “You have made your point. You are marring this meeting.”

Holtzclaw called Canuteson a coward and walked away from the podium. Canuteson responded, saying Holtzclaw wouldn’t “have the guts” to call him one outside of the meeting.

“Oh absolutely,” Holtzclaw said. “You meet me outside here, I’d be more than happy.”

“We’ll see about that,” the mayor replied. “I’ll meet you out there. You’re a Confederate coward.”

The two argued until…

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