Look Who’s Funding Islamist Extremism in America

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(Townhall) – It’s no surprise that terrorists support terrorists. Like birds of a feather, Antifa anarcho-communists and Islamist extremists are bound by a shared goal of overthrowing the U.S. constitutional republic and its institutions that enforce law and order. Despite being divided by varying ideological differences, they’re united by an agenda to wage war against the common enemy: America.

In particular, one Antifa anarchist organization has cast a sprawling Soros-esque web of influence across America through crowdfunded donations. Notably, the money-laundering leaders of this Antifa-aligned behemoth poured tens of thousands of dollars into the coffers of an advocate for Islamist extremism, investigative think tank Capital Research Center discovered.

Stop Cop City

61 militant anarchists have been indicted on conspiracy charges under Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act following the state’s investigation into far-left militants opposing the construction of an 85-acre first responder training facility for police and firefighters in the Greater Atlanta area. The destructive efforts—dubbed the “Stop Cop City” movement—against the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center building project had already led to dozens of violent Antifa-associated suspects being charged with domestic terrorism, including a…

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