Looking back on the 20th Anniversary of Bush’s Folly — Shock and Awe, Lives Lost, Lessons Learned

(Government-supremacists never miss a chance to make billions for the military-industrial complex, especially if it’s a forever war. Never let a smart-bomb go to waste.- DD)

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(Breitbart) President George W. Bush told the nation and the world about the commencement of Operation Iraqi Freedom at 10:16 p.m. ET on March 19, 2003. As he spoke, American forces were already on the attack eight time zones away.

Bush said that the invasion was about “helping Iraqis achieve a united, stable, and free country.” And, he added, the mission “will require our sustained commitment.”

The Iraqis, of course, had not asked for that “help,” and a “sustained commitment” to a country 6,000 miles away was not what Americans wanted, but it was exactly what Bush and his neoconservative advisers wanted. Some had dreams of re-colonizing the Middle East; others had dreams of securing its oil.

For his part, Bush dreamed even further; he later said his real goal was “ending tyranny in our world,” with the war in Iraq as just a stepping stone. Nobody ever said that the neocons were realistic…

Pinkerton: Reflections on the 20th Anniversary of the Iraq War Folly — Lives Lost, Lessons Learned, and Why America Comes First