Marjorie Taylor Greene Says It! Advocates for States To Consider Leaving The Union #TEXIT #NationalDivorce

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(TNM) – In an unprecedented move, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a sitting Republican Congresswoman from Georgia, has openly called for states to consider secession from the United States. Framed within the context of the ongoing federal border crisis, her remarks have sent ripples across the political landscape. For the Texas Nationalist Movement, this development is not just noteworthy; it’s a call to action and an opportunity to engage in a meaningful dialogue about Texas’ future.

The Significance of Greene’s Remarks

The impact of a sitting Congresswoman discussing state independence is monumental. It marks a turning point in the broader conversation about federal governance and its limitations. Greene’s focus on the federal border crisis as the catalyst for her comments adds urgency to the TNM’s long-standing call for independence. This direct nod to states like Texas, which bear the brunt of federal border policies, resonates with our previous discussions on why Texit is the only path to border security for Texas.

“If the Biden admin refuses to stop the invasion of cartel led human and drug trafficking into our country, states should consider seceding from the union.

From Texas to New York City to every town in America, we are drowning from Biden’s traitorous America last border policies.”…

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