Most Southern States Have Banned Transgender Procedures for Minors

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(American Greatness) – n overwhelming majority of states located in the American South have passed laws banning so-called “gender-affirming care” for children under 18, which includes hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and genital mutilation surgery.

As reported by The Hill, 12 of the 16 states that are generally considered Southern have put such laws on the books since 2021, which amounts to over half of all transgender bans across the country. The laws generally forbid medical professionals from performing such treatments on minors, with laws in Florida and Missouri even going so far as to prohibit such procedures for adults.

The remaining four Southern states – South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware – have not yet passed such laws, although Republicans in the state legislatures of Virginia and South Carolina did introduce similar legislation earlier this year.

In three of the 12 states that have passed such laws – Louisiana, Kentucky, and North Carolina – the Democratic governors all vetoed these bills, only to have their vetoes overridden by the GOP-dominated legislatures. The Arkansas state legislature did the same in 2021, when then-Governor Asa Hutchinson (R-Ark.) vetoed a trans ban, thus passing into law the first such ban in the nation.

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