Nathan Bedford Forrest Statue, Graves, and Memorial to be Reconstructed at Elm Springs in Columbia, TN

(My Great-Grandfather followed Forrest all across Tennessee, Bama, Georgia and Mississippi. The General was a true untutored military genius. While the Forrest’s graves and their monument should never have been violated in the greater Memphis cesspool, I am happy that they are home in Elm Springs where they are shown due respect. – DD)

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(Clint Confehr, Tennessee Tribune) – The statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest on a horse — moved from Memphis — is at an ante-bellum mansion and national headquarters of the Sons of Confederate Veterans which plans to reconstruct a memorial with reinterred remains of the Confederate general and his wife.

SCV Executive Director Adam Southern discussed the plans in a library at the National Confederate Museum, 2357 Park Plus Drive, Columbia. How the statue got here five years ago was explained by Franklin-based attorney H. Edward Phillips III of Nashville, the Forrest family’s attorney who, while researching monumental technicalities of law, realized he’s a cousin of Tennessee’s famous Confederate cavalryman.

The statue’s removal from a public park to private ownership was facilitated by Phillips who approached the well-publicized controversy about five years ago with legal points and the state Antiquities Act. Human remains were part of Forrest’s memorial. Demands for statue removal raised questions on where to put it. And what about the Forrests’ remains? Phillips’ answer: SCV HQ.

“We buried him and Mary Montgomery Forrest in 2021” at SCV HQ, Southern said in the William D. McCain Research Library. “The statue came about that time.”

Near a portrait of McCain, windows provide a view into the museum. McCain was: an SCV adjutant; a 1950s-’60s Mississippi politician; a segregationist; and one of World War II’s Monuments Men….

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