#National Divorce ? If States Want To Leave, They Have The Power!

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(Texian Partisan) Those opposed to states leaving the Union think it is illegal – they shouldn’t be too sure. Dr. Matt Qvortrup breaks down Texas v White and the arguments against national divorce.

The recent British supreme court judgment on the Scottish independence referendum has people questioning what would happen if American states tried to leave the Union. It was a unanimous decision that the Scottish parliament has no right to host an independent referendum. Would their decision mirror what would happen in America if states, like Texas, want to depart from the union?

I was catching up with an old friend from Alabama, who made a comment that in the United States, secession matters would not even make it before the courts. He continued to cite Texas v White, which most believe makes leaving the Union not possible. His thought process, although common, is not entirely correct.

Nearly 20 years ago, in late 2006, an Alaskan resident by the name of Scott Kohlhass drafted and submitted a ballot initiative calling for Alaska to secede from…

National Divorce? If States Want To Leave, They Have The Power! | Texian Partisan