#NATIONALDIVORCE: It’s The Best Case Scenario

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Our Best-Case Scenario: A Negotiated Breakup

(Kurt Andersen, New Republic) It’s not unreasonable to think that we can make out the shape of things to come 28 years in the future. It was right around 28 years ago that the foundations of now emerged: about-to-be ubiquitous personal computers and the internet, cell phones, Fox News, conservative hegemony on economic and social policy, exploding inequality, ultra-assholes’ takeover of the GOP, “political correctness,” and more. On the other hand, grand extrapolations can be folly: The 1990s were also when Francis Fukuyama’s End of History dream—liberal democracy and capitalist prosperity, universal and permanent!—became conventional wisdom. Briefly.
Anyhow, cutting to the chase: I think it’s likely the United States won’t exist in its current form in 2050, that we’ll split into two (or more) independent entities. I’d put the chances of breakup at the lower end of what classic CIA estimates define as “probable”—75 percent certain, “give or take about 12 percent.”
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