Government Supremacists Creating Plans For Mass Mind Control

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(Mint Press News) NATO has begun plans to make the “human mind” their new “domain of war.” And yes, that’s as horrifying as it sounds.

No mainstream media outlet has covered NATO’s new “domain of war” declaration, leading press freedom group Project Censored to include it in its 25 most-censored stories of the year. As Project Censored wrote:

On October 5, 2021, the NATO Association of Canada (NAOC) sponsored a forum on what panelists described as the ‘weaponization of brain sciences’ to exploit ‘vulnerabilities of the human brain’ in service of more sophisticated forms of social engineering and control. As Ben Norton reported for The Grayzone, ‘with its development of cognitive warfare strategies,’ NATO has added a new, sixth level to the five operational domains—air, land, sea, space, and cyber…”

The weaponization of brain sciences to exploit vulnerabilities of the human brain? Does that sound like you’ll be free? I thought part of the mythos of America was that we have freedom.

Of course, we don’t actually have freedom. The U.S. is the largest prison state in the world, most of us are trapped in wage slave jobs we hate, and we’re trapped in Brock Lesner-sized mountains of debt, but I thought the one free place we had left was…

NATO Creating Plans For Mass Mind Control