No more Confederate flags at Hollywood Cemetery!

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Bans Rebel standard at CONFEDERATE cemetery

(Virginia Mercury) Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, a longtime shrine of the South and home to thousands of Confederate graves, has quietly banned the flying of Confederate flags.
Visitors first noticed the absence of the flags in summer 2020, when anti-racism protests rocking Richmond and much of the U.S. often targeted rebel symbols. Two people familiar with the cemetery said then they understood that Hollywood had taken down the flags, widely seen as symbols of racism, temporarily to remove potential vandalism targets.
Two years later, Confederate flags that were once common at the historic private cemetery are still gone.
It turns out the cemetery’s board of directors adopted a formal flag ban in 2020 – with no public announcement.
“Hollywood does not have an established practice of publishing policies and broadly disseminating them when they are adopted by the board,” said Hollywood spokesman Matt Jenkins, a Richmond lawyer and member of the cemetery’s board. “We are not a public body.”…Read the rest at the Virginia Mercury