No one should be asked to spit on the graves of his ancestors.

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Southern Exposure: No one should be asked to spit on the graves of his ancestors.

(American Conservative) Prepping for a return visit to the attractive and prospering city of Greenville, South Carolina, I grabbed the only South Carolina travel book in our library system. An entry in the Moon series, it reassured Northern visitors that Greenville “is not populated by backward Bible-thumping bigots.”
And smug cosmopolitans wonder why the rest of us hate their guts!
Greenville, whose favorite sons are the Jacksons (Shoeless Joe and Jesse), was the site of the last concert that Lynyrd Skynyrd, the free birds of Southern rock, played before the band’s plane went down on October 20, 1977. One of Skynyrd’s better songs, “All I Can Do is Write About it,” protests the paving over and homogenization of the South. Lead singer Ronnie Van Zant pleads, “Lord take me and mine before that comes.” The Lord, or a drunken pilot or defective plane, did as Ronnie wished. But pavers gonna pave.
Prominently absent from the Moon guide as well as the maps distributed by the city’s tourism promoters was any mention of the Museum and Library of Confederate History…Read the rest