Northern Domination/The End?

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Dixie Drudge!

(HK Edgerton) – With the advent of what has happened in the last few weeks it is easy to see that just as the Mayans; the end of Southern Heritage and culture is near. At first, I thought we could call it Northern segregation. However, it is more than that its is northern domination. They don’t want or like anything of what we are as Southern people.

Lincoln never suspected or expected that the Southern man with his in the hill red necks”, dirt digging dwellers, and certainly his slaves discounted as a factor. He had underestimated how hard it would be to take and control the region deemed “Southern”, and that included inculcating into the minds of those people that he was in the right.

Those who have invaded our Southern homeland once again wholeheartedly believe their patient efforts have paid off. 150 years later, another Northern aggression is on the march.

The Bible Thumpers are suppressed. And just as Senator Elizabeth Warren proclaimed, “this is our Army”; and we don’t give a damn about “Reconciliation”. We won our last effort, you traitors can’t stop us now, either. And all remnants of your so-called heroes and the crap they believed in is going as well!

And adding more insult to injury…

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