On the 128th National Reunion of the Sons of Confederate Veterans

(The pic is from a previous reunion. I wish I could have been there this year- DD)

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(HK Edgerton) – The Honorable Commander Loy Mauch of the Arkansas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and also the Commander of the Host Camp, James M. Keller Camp 648 would declare at the opening ceremony of the 128th Sons of Confederate Veterans National Réunion would be the best Reunion ever.

And while I have not been to them all; I can concur that this one in my estimation was the best. Everywhere that I visited on the schedule of events, to include the vendor section, whether it was a speaker or patron…a message resonated that we needed to up our game in carrying out the Charge of both the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy in defending the good names of our ancestors who made a glorious Stand against those who would illegally attack our homeland, and whose descendants here in the 21st century carry out a war like carnage on our heritage and culture.

In the year 2000, on the campus of John Hopkins University, just before I would deliver the Keynote, the Commander of the United Union Veterans would deliver in a speech not only did his organizations support the Southern Cross flying over the Capitol in Columbia, South Carolina, but also he would heap praise upon the glorious, honorable, and brave Confederate forces that the Union had faced. I, like the masses of people gathered, were both surprised…

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