Organization Seeks Support For Nullification Process In TN

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(Jason Vaughn, The Tennessee Conservative) – A new organization seeks to encourage legislators to come up with a legal process for nullification of federal orders in Tennessee.

TN Citizens for State Sovereignty was founded by Karen Bracken and David Vance to bring attention to the need for a nullification process. The group also hopes to serve as a model for other states while also moving towards the possibility of creating a compact between states for nullification.

According to the group, “the federal government has overstepped its constitutional authority for years” and it is time for the people to “rein them back in.”

Nullification allows states to deem federal laws or orders invalid within the state if those rulings are considered to be unconstitutional.

The group acknowledges that there are already options for state level nullification of federal orders, however, they argue that “it makes it easier and smoother if we have established, legal processes in place.”

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Previous attempts to put a process in place to pursue nullification should the need arise have not yet made it through the state legislature.

State senator Janice Bowling (R-Tullahoma-District 16) sponsored a bill during…

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