Prince Edward Co. VA Still Underhandedly Trying to Cancel VA Flaggers and Free Speech

(Have you ever seen so much government-supremacist effort to limit Free Speech? You should not have to hire a gaggle of lawyers and swim through the courts to express yourself. The Process is the Punishment! – DD)

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Prince Edward supervisors vote on permanent flag ordinance

(Farmville Herald) – Cindy Koether had a question. Like most of the Prince Edward County residents that filled up the Government Center Tuesday, she wanted to know how the county picked a 20 ft. height limit for flag poles or made any other decisions about the flag ordinance.

“I was told by the Prince Edward administrator that it was decided by considering the height of flag poles already in existence,” Koether said. “In other words, the government decided how tall citizens needed the flagpole to be. It should not be up to the government to decide how much freedom a citizen needs to have.”

One of several people who spoke up opposing the county’s current flag ordinance, Koether said she could understand restricting flags or flagpoles if it was in danger of falling on someone or if it interfered with drivers being able to see.

“But the arbitrary 20 ft limit to the height of the flagpole and the arbitrary limit to the size of the flag in Prince Edward County has nothing to do with health or safety,” Koether said. “You have already lost twice in court using taxpayer money to defend your restrictions on our free speech. The citizens do not want more taxpayer money wasted trying to take away our rights.”

That pretty much summed up what the majority of speakers had to say. Each person…

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