Pro-Southern Groups stall melting of Charlottesville monumnet

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(Dixie Drudge) Charlottesville Tomorrow can’t stand that Southern groups are trying to prevent the melting of the Robert E Lee sculpture that they hated so much. In an article saturated with Key/Buzz words like "White Supremacist."
Yes, we all know what happened at the Charlottesville protests. We saw full and well that free speech and the right of protest depends on who you are in that community. The left is protected and free to attack anyone who does not kneel to their desires. The press and law enforcement will back them to smear and persecute their opponents.
Buried in the blather is the gist of the article. The SCV is suing to prevent the melting of a 100 year old piece of art that was stolen from the public. Enough said. Save everyone a lot of time and trouble. Give them back their monument.
We all know your real agenda. You don’t hate the monument. You hate a people you can’t intimidate and control!
Read Confederate groups may once again stall Charlottesville’s plans for the statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee