Put Our Monuments Back

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Florida bill expected to be filed for 2024 session would require monuments to be put back up

(Yahoo News) – Florida monuments, including those to the Confederacy, taken down by local governments could have to be put back up.

It’s a provision Action News Jax has learned will likely be part of a bill expected to be filed for the upcoming state legislative session.

Last session Florida lawmakers considered a bill that would have prevented local governments from removing historical monuments, including those to the Confederacy.

It didn’t pass, but State Senator Jonathan Martin (R-Fort Myers) told Action News Jax he intends to refile the bill in the 2024 session, but this time with more teeth.

“Anything that’s going to protect American history is on the table,” said Martin.

Martin said the new bill will likely include some degree of retroactivity to prevent local governments from hastily removing monuments ahead of the bill’s effective date.

That would mean monuments removed within a certain timeframe, would have to be put back up.

“So, we want everybody to know that if they’re going to be removing American history thinking that we’re a loophole between now and the time any bill is signed that they may still be held accountable,” said Martin.

Martin didn’t offer specific dates for the…

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