Rebellion Against the Elites Emerges as Trend

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In Europe, Rebellion Against the Elites Emerges as Trend

(Daily Signal) Giorgia Meloni’s victory in the Italian elections opens a new political outlook in Italy and in Europe, accelerating a trend characterized by the emergence of two increasingly well-defined blocs.
On one side, we find a bloc made up of political parties ranging from the Greens and the European radical left to the European People’s Party, which includes the socialists, confederations of liberal parties, and various Christian Democrat parties. Together, they make up a large consensus.
All of these groups share certain underlying characteristics: their defense of a federal European Union; their support for a woke ideological agenda; their responsibility in certain arbitrary curtailments of freedom, especially since COVID-19; and their indifference regarding the demographic crisis in the West.
Opposing this bloc is a large, popular, and national coalition…Read the rest