Red County Secession Movements Setting Stage for #National Divorce

(Like it or not, #NationalDivorce is a likely outcome that has been brought on by the hubris of the American political class. It is total arrogance to think their empire will survive forever and that us mundanes will continue to finance their whim that guarantees it! – DD)

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County Secession: Local Efforts to Redraw Political Borders

(Brookings Institute) – In contemporary American politics, talk of secession is rarely more than theater. Political leaders tease—sometimes bellow—the idea as a reaction to unfavorable election results, the prospect of big-ticket legislation with which they disagree, meat for their base, or to attract media attention. In reality, the barriers to secession by any state or region within the United States are exceptionally high.

There are, however, quasi-secessionist political movements that do not threaten the United States’ territorial or political integrity but nonetheless express a growing, elemental discomfort with one of the fundamental principles of a healthy democracy. Though these efforts, like their flashier secession relatives, carry little likelihood of success, the grassroots sentiments underpinning them—in particular, the decay of Americans’ willingness to be governed by their political rivals—render them worthy of analysis for what they communicate about polarization, hyper-partisanship, and political intolerance.

Secession from one state to another

From the Mid-Atlantic to the Pacific Northwest, rural counties in blue states have taken steps to redraw state lines to subsume themselves under neighboring red states or to form new states of their own. In some cases, such exercises have drawn sizeable community support, leading to the placement of the secession question on local ballots and subsequent approval by voters.

The Pacific Northwest is home to a long-running movement to reorganize state lines along political rifts. In Oregon, Washington, and northern California, as in much of the United States, rural counties are much redder than their…

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