Reflections On “Reconstruction”

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(Al Benson, Revised History) – In his book on Marxist “Reconstruction” in this country after the War of Northern Aggression “Twelve Years In Hell” Author Lochlainn Seabrook notes the comments of some whose families lived through what became one of the most shameful periods in U.S. history. Seabrook notes the commentary of an ex-Confederate soldier, Rev. James Hugh McNeilly, who authored an essay on “Reconstruction” in 1920. The essay is several pages long so I can only quote bits of it to give you all a feel for Rev. McNeilly’s viewpoint.

Rev. McNeilly said of “Reconstruction” that it “was the nightmare period of Southern history. A radical and fanatical majority in the United States Congress, moved and inspired by leaders who were themselves the embodiment of frenzied and malignant hatred of the South, trampled on and flouted the very foundation principles of liberty and exercised a despotism as brutal as the oppression of Turk or Russian.” He noted in this context, Thaddeus Stevens and John Sherman, the brother of William Tecumseh Sherman.

Further on, Rev. McNeilly noted: “It may be properly asked: ‘If it is all over and gone, why recall the story to a new generation which is free from its evils?’ There are two answers: First, the truth of history demands and justice requires that the character and deeds of the Southern people of that day be vindicated against the falsehoods by…

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