Remembering D.B. Easley: Survivor of Pickett’s Charge and Point Lookout Prison

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(The Gazette-Virginian) – Drewry Berryman Easley was born in June 1844 in Halifax County.

His father was Robert Easley.

After Virginia seceded from the Union, D.B. enlisted into military service on April 29, 1861, at Meadville, with permission from his father. He mustered in as a private in the “Meadville Grays,” Company H, 14th Regiment, Virginia Infantry.

Private Easley was sent to Williamsburg Seminary Hospital in September with typhoid fever, eventually furloughed home in October to recuperate.

He returned to duty in November and remained with the army until wounded in action — a gunshot wound to a knee — at the Battle of Seven Pines on June 1, 1862.

Private Easley wrote postwar on May 31, “… we started early, saw no other troops, crossed no bridge, were near the fighting when it started, passed near it, loafed in the road all day occasionally moving a little farther. That Huger was with us, sitting in our company part of that time and got on field at dark by double quicking….and slept in the fly tents of the 11th Maine.”

He mentions plenty of coffee and whiskey, noting that the ground was swampy, littered with dead and wounded Yankees sunk halfway up their bodies. Easley did state that he gave whiskey to the wounded.

On the second day (June 1), Private Easley described…

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