Remembering McDonald County’s Secession From Missouri – 1961

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(McDonald County Press) Sixty-one years ago on April 12, 1961, Missouri Senator Lee Aaron Bachler introduced a legal document on the Senate floor of the State House for a resolution to form a 51st state to consist of McDonald County, Missouri, and the adjoining counties of Benton County, Arkansas, and Delaware County, Oklahoma. The story was picked up by A.P. and U.P.I. and made its way overnight around the world in daily newspapers. Thanks to features in The McDonald County Press, The Joplin Globe, The New York Times, the Chicago Daily Tribune and the Los Angeles Times, this spunky Ozark County became a national sensation with international exposure.
1961 Ozark Breakaway: The Year That McDonald County Seceded From Missouri, tells for the first time the complete story of when on April 12, 1961, a little county in the Ozarks submitted legal papers on the Senate floor of the State Capitol to secede from Missouri and form a fifty-first state of the union by joining neighboring counties in Arkansas and Oklahoma. This action captured America’s heart and mind as its news spread overnight to become a national sensation with international exposure…
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