Resident biden Wages War on DIXIE’s Favorite Vehicle

(Okay. I draw the line at my God, my family, my guns, my dog and my truck. Them’s fightin’ words joe. Hell, you ain’t even getting my daughter’s cat. – DD)

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(Washington Free Beacon) – The Biden administration is using its new fuel efficiency rules to target trucks, a move that a top environmental group says will “help tackle the ‘truckification'” of America.

President Joe Biden’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Friday unveiled standards that would force automakers to improve fuel efficiency in their trucks by 4 percent a year from 2027 to 2032. That figure is double the proposed mileage improvement requirements for cars, prompting left-wing environmental group Center for Biological Diversity to praise Biden for working to get trucks off the road. “It does help tackle the ‘truckification’ of the fleet with stronger standards for SUVs and pickups than cars,” said Dan Becker, the center’s climate transport director.

Biden plans to use the proposal to ensure that two-thirds of new vehicles sold in the United States are electric by 2032. And while electric vehicles largely haven’t caught on with U.S. consumers, gas-powered trucks are the most popular vehicles in the country. Ford’s F-Series has been the top-selling vehicle in America for more than four decades, and though the lineup now includes…

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