Revolutionary War Soldiers Honored With Reburial in South Carolina

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(Southern Partisan) The crowd hushed, rose from folding lawn chairs amid the longleaf pine trees, and turned toward the roadway at the sound of the drums.

A procession, moving to a steady, rat-tat-tatting cadence, made its way through the trees, pine needles a thick, red-brown carpet under booted feet. First came reenactors wearing Revolutionary War garb and carrying muskets with bayonets. Then came the band, honor Guardsmen with rifles, and Soldiers bearing caskets draped in American and British flags.

As the band played, honor Guardsmen with the U.S. Army and South Carolina Army National Guard carefully deposited the remains of 12 American Revolutionary War Soldiers on stands specially made for the handcrafted coffins; the funeral party from 2nd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland came after, carrying the remains of their Revolutionary War countryman on their shoulders.

The burial honors ceremony on April 22 honored 13 service members who died in the Battle of Camden in South Carolina in 1780, one of the costliest battles of the Revolutionary War.

Of the 12 Americans, researchers believe several were members of the

Revolutionary War Soldiers Honored With Reburial – Southern Partisan Online