Richmond Police Thwart Attack Planned by Illegal Alien Thugs

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(Patriot Post) Chalk up one for the good guys!
On the warfront with violent thugs, there was good news this week. In Virginia’s capital city of Richmond, police proactively responded to a tip and most certainly thwarted a mass assault planned for a crowded July 4th venue.
According to Chief Gerald Smith, a tip from a “hero citizen” on July 1 led to a quick investigation by his department and other agencies: “One phone call saved numerous lives on the Fourth of July. The success of this particular investigation can only be juxtaposed against the horrors of which the rest of the country has seen. There is no telling how many lives this hero citizen has saved from one phone call.”…
Police arrested two illegal immigrants from Guatemala who had acquired firearms and ammunition they planned to use for an attack on those attending the July 4th celebration at the Dogwood Dell amphitheater…

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