Robeson (NC) Remembers the ‘Bloody 18th’

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(The Robesonian) The relocation of the Confederate monument from the Robeson County Courthouse to a veteran’s memorial park is a reminder of several things.

In this edition of Robeson Remembers, the focus is on the sacrifice of local men during the Civil War.

There is no better way to remember that sacrifice than to recall the 18th Confederate Regiment and how Robeson volunteers were part of the Bloody 18th. They came by the name courageously, honorably and in the most tragic way.

The 18th is also remembered for playing an unfortunate role in one of the most disastrous turning points of the Civil War. First, how did they earn the title?

Sources for this article include “Away Down Home” by Maude Thomas; a memoir of the Bloody 18th by Pvt. Thomas H. Sutton (1901); Vol. 6, North Carolina Troops, 1861-65, NC Archives & History; and internet sites.

Sutton’s account was reprinted in the “Histories of the Several Regiments and Battalions from North Carolina in…

Robeson Remembers the ‘Bloody 18th’ | Robesonian