SCV Reunion Comes to Hot Springs

(And a great time will be had by all, except snowflakes, transplants, and the Canker of Commerce – DD)

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SCV to host reunion, controversial play

(Sentinel-Record) – The Sons of Confederate Veterans will hold its annual National Reunion at the Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa from July 19-22, with members from around the country attending ceremonies, banquets and a controversial play.

SCV members gave a warm reception to an earlier play by Dr. James M. Keller Camp No. 648, entitled “The Trial of David O’Dodd,” when it was presented at the last reunion in Hot Springs in 2009, and the local members decided to stage another one, according to Robert Freeman, camp historian.

The curtain will go up on “The Trial of Abraham Lincoln” at 7 p.m. Thursday in the Crystal Ballroom at the Arlington, written during the Civil War by a staunch critic of Lincoln’s, John Mullaly.

The chapter has changed its bylaws for the reunion to allow the public to purchase tickets at the door for $15 to see the play, according to Freeman.

The full title of the work, which was printed in pamphlet form and is still available in the Library of Congress, is “Trial of Abraham Lincoln by the Great Statesman of the Republic…

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