See The First Successful Combat Submarine In Charleston Built During The War of Northern Aggression

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The H. L. Hunley was the first submarine to sink an enemy warship and has been raised and is now on display in Charleston

(The Travel) – The American Civil War was arguably the darkest chapter in the country’s history—for years the country ripped itself apart. It was a conflict where the old met the new. It was a war with old nozzle-loaded muskets and men standing in lines shooting at each other, and it saw the first ironclad warships, Gatling guns, and the first submarines.

Today visitors can see the H. L. Hunley (the first submarine to have successfully sunk another ship) on display in South Carolina. The H. L. Hunley is a very basic design, and it shows just how much technology has progressed since then.

Visitors can see the H. L. Hunley on display at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center in South Carolina, along with artifacts and exhibits about the submarine…

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