Sorry To Burst Your Bubble, Folks, But Southern Secession Was NOT Treason!

(Another great and timely read from Mr. Al. Especially since ‘treason’ lately, seems to be a favorite word of those internet trolls in their mommie’s basements – DD)

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(Al Benson Jr., Revised History) My recent article on the Confederate monument in Arlington seems to have caused a “tempest in a tea kettle.” I received several comments back from “enlightened” individuals who blithely informed me there be “no monuments for traitors.” This is exactly the mindset of the socialist elites that are running this country into the ground presently–and these folks have swallowed it, hook, line, and sinker! May be we have the educational establishment to blame for much of that.

So let’s go back briefly and look at some history. I don’t expect that anything I write will change the minds enclosed in concrete already, but I will write anyway. There have to be some out there still capable of rational thought.

Burke Davis, (no relation to Jefferson Davis that I am aware of) wrote a book several years back called The Long Surrender which was about Jeff Davis’s retreat after the fall of Richmond when he was attempting to get to the West, and his subsequent capture.

The radicals in Washington (and they were radicals) wanted to try Davis as a co-conspirator in the Lincoln assassination–which would have been just great for Edwin M. Stanton, who, to this day, has unanswered questions about his possible role in that assassination. And they also wanted to try Davis for treason for being president of the secessionist government in Richmond, though the doctrine of secession was hardly original with him. Trying Davis for treason as a secessionist was one trick the Washington radicals could not quite…

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