Stacy Abrams Scapegoats Black Males for Coming Loss

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Stacey Abrams Knows She Is Going to Lose. Guess Who She Blames?

(NOQ Report) She isn’t admitting it yet — and probably never will — but Stacey Abrams appears to know she is going to lose her bid to oust Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp on Tuesday. After struggling to maintain the level of support she received in her first attempt in 2018, it seems the writing is on the wall.
But what is noteworthy about this particular episode is who Abrams appears to blame for her impending defeat: Black male voters.
During an appearance on MSNBC, Abrams addressed her troubling poll numbers, especially her declining support in the black community. She said: I do not believe it’s because of a deep well of enthusiasm for my opponent. We know that black voters are often discounted. And unfortunately, this year, black men have been a very targeted population for misinformation. Not misinformation about whatRead the rest