Start-Up News Site Semafor Says It Is Partly Funded by the anti-Southern, anti-Trump Koch Network

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(National Pulse) – Corporate media start-up Semafor counts amongst its investors the anti-Trump ‘Stand Together’ non-profit, founded by billionaire open borders enthusiast Charles Koch. Semafor itself was founded by former Buzzfeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith – famous for publishing the fake Russia “pee pee” dossier, as well as Justin Smith, former CEO of the Bloomberg Media Group.

Semafor disclosed Stand Together’s financial stake in a story the site ran on last-ditch efforts being made by other Koch-funded organizations to derail former President Donald Trump’s campaign for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination:

“Semafor spent two days shadowing canvassers with AFP Action, the organization affiliated with Charles Koch that has been working since February to build a grassroots operation that will help nominate someone other than Trump. (Stand Together, the network Koch founded, is an investor in Semafor.)

– Semafor, November 1st 2023

While it is not illegal for non-profit foundations like Stand Together to invest in – or even outright own – for-profit companies, the relationship between a media outlet and a non-profit that operates a network of activist…

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