State Flags are Going Woke. Is Virginia’s Next?

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(Bacon’s Rebellion) In the midst of America’s ongoing culture war, it is widely recognized that the left comprehends (and exploits) the profound influence that American history, values and tradition exert on its citizens. Cancel culture has rapidly infiltrated public discourse, leaving state flags as its next target.

From Maine to Utah, left-leaning activists are spearheading efforts to redesign numerous state flags. In 2021, Mississippi removed Confederate imagery from its flag entirely, while Minnesota established an “emblem redesign commission” in May 2023 to eliminate depictions of Native Americans from its seal and flag. Furthermore, Massachusetts is considering a change in its flag to promote gender equality, contemplating replacing one of the two male figures with a female representation.

What charges could the left level against the Virginia state flag? The Virginia flag and seal were created in 1776 in the aftermath of the War for Independence but was not officially adopted as a flag until Virginia seceded from the Union in 1861. The seal has gone through minor changes in the 150 years since it was adopted, but the basic form of the flag remains constant.

The seal features an Amazon maiden (representing Virtue) standing triumphant over a fallen king. The motto “sic semper tyrannis” (Thus always to tyrants) and a decorative border complete the seal.

This imagery was an expression of the revolutionary spirit…

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