Stay Faithful, Because History Starts Today

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(Freedom First Network) If you’re like me, the news cycle is one smack to the face after the next. It’s not even a “cycle” at this point; it feels more like crawling out of bed under relentless machine-gun fire of bad news and trying to survive the day without getting hit.

In this sense, getting “hit” is letting the bastards get you down (excuse my French). It’s not easy, and it’s not for the faint of heart. I look at it as a special challenge that all normal, non-woke, patriotic Americans must accept as part of living through this period of great change.

Can you witness all the cultural chaos and national hara-kiri, take a deep breath, give an affirmative nod to the Almighty, and say, “Lay it on me; let’s have it; I can take more”? Because, at the end of the day, this spiritual contest for the West’s future will not be won by those with the most money, power, or spy toys at their disposal. It will be won by those who take everything in stride and continue to stand. In a battle of wills, strength of character alone determines who will prevail.

Now, that’s a pretty simple truth that we all often ignore, is it not? It is easy to look at the vast array of forces set against us — a corrupt central government dedicated to censorship, political persecution, and open borders; a corporate oligarchy intent on eliminating private property for all but the reigning few; a new world order where… 

Stay Faithful, Because History Starts Today – Freedom First Network