Strange World! US Nuke Sub Clocks Super-Fast Underwater UFO

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US Submarine Witnessed Underwater Object Moving Fast Than Speed of Sound

(Flag & Cross) A strange new realization has arrived in the world of Ufology, and we have the US Navy to thank for it.
The infamous USS Nimitz UFO incident, in which pilots locked on to and filmed an impossibly fast and maneuverable object over the Pacific Ocean, was one of the first few public incidents in which credible eyewitnesses reported that these unidentified objects were not only moving through the air with physics-shattering finesse, but that they were also seamlessly entering and exiting the ocean as well.
Now, a scientist who once did secretive work aboard a US nuclear submarine is coming clean about a similarly terrifying incident he experienced some years prior to the Nimitz encounter.
A nuclear submarine was buzzed by an unidentified object – travelling under water faster than the speed of sound.
The claim came from a scientist who…Read the rest