Feds want to ditch the suit that aims to halt removal of Arlington’s Confederate Memorial

(The central government no longer wants a ‘Reconciliation’ monument. Thus, they must no longer want reconciliation. Free Dixie! – DD)

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(Washington Post) – The federal government is seeking the dismissal of a lawsuit over the fate of an Arlington National Cemetery memorial celebrating Confederate “dead heroes” after the case was moved from Virginia to the District last month.

The memorial, depicting a Black woman holding the baby of a White Confederate officer and an enslaved man accompanying his enslaver into battle, was commissioned in 1914 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. “To our dead heroes,” the monument reads above a Latin saying that praises lost causes.

Cemetery caretakers have said on signage and a web page that the memorial was part of a larger attempt to gloss over slavery’s evils.

“The elaborately designed monument offers a nostalgic, mythologized vision of the Confederacy, including highly sanitized depictions of slavery,” the cemetery’s website said.

Last year, the Pentagon directed that monument be dismantled and its bronze figures removed following the recommendation of a Naming Commission established in 2021 to review military facilities celebrating the Confederacy. But in an attempt to keep the memorial intact, the Sons of Confederate Veterans and descendants of Confederate soldiers sued the Defense Department and the Army in March.

Among other claims, the suit said the decision to dismantle the memorial was done without sufficient public input and is illegal because it serves as a grave marker for Confederates buried at the site.

“The Memorial represents the reunification…

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