Swords Into Plowshares

(Abbeville Institute) – Last week, activists destroyed the Charlottesville, Virginia Robert E. Lee monument in secret. They said it was to prevent violence, but not their own.The Washington Post attended the event and documented the final moments for Lee’s face. The iconoclasts fashioned it into a “death mask” and then melted it down, creating a haunting image captured by the Post’s photographer. You could almost see Lee weeping. At the very least, the molten metal bleeding through the cracks in his face highlighted what looked like despondence, a weary expression of sorrow and defeat, not defiance.

That was the postwar Lee, so eloquently captured by all who met him in the years after the war and beautifully presented in verse by Donald Davidson. Lee had been worn down by the war and burdened with despair. He was lost in the mountains.

One University of Virginia “Black Lives Matter” activist who witnessed the event called it an execution. This is what the iconoclasts wanted from the beginning. Lee and Jefferson Davis survived to old age and were never tried for treason. They avoided the noose, but Lee could not avoid the flames.

That was the point. Lee and those who supported him had to be publicly humiliated. This was vengeance.

The group responsible for this illegal act of destruction–and it was illegal as they had promised the monument would be preserved in accordance with State law–insisted that the…

Swords Into Plowshares – Abbeville Institute