Tennessee defends GOP measure that protects Confederate monuments

(The laws are there for a purpose: To protect our history from the Amerikan Taliban DD)

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A case over whether a municipality has the right to change the names of streets honoring leaders of the Confederacy goes to court

(Tennessee Lookout) – Five years ago — as part of a backlash against efforts in Memphis to remove a statue of Ku Klux Klan-founder Nathan Bedford Forrest from a city park — a Republican majority in the Tennessee Legislature enacted a new law aimed at preventing the removal of Confederate monuments from public spaces.

The GOP amendment to the Heritage Protection Act requires cities and counties to seek approval from a state historical commission before any historic memorial — a monument, a street sign, a historic home — can be renamed, moved, sold or given away.

The City of Forest Hills, an affluent independent city located in southwestern Davidson County, is now seeking to test whether the law applies to subdivision streets, where roads are typically mapped out, constructed and named by individual developers without public input or approval before they become city streets.

“A city does not tell developers how they lay these streets out, where they should go or, more importantly, what to name them,” Marshall Albritton, an attorney representing Forest Hills argued Tuesday in Davidson County Chancery Court.

Complaints from local residents spurred Forest Hills officials to seek to rename six Confederate-themed street names located within the Tyne Valley Estates subdivision, where stately homes on the market for $3 million or more line “Confederate Drive” and “General Forrest Court,” “Robert E. Lee Drive” and…

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