Tennessee sheriff’s office warns people not to pick up folded dollar bills because they may contain fentanyl

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Fentanyl is behind a spike in overdose deaths in recent months

(Fox) A Tennessee sheriff’s office is warning the public not to pick up folded dollar bills off the ground because they may contain fentanyl.
The warning from the Giles County Sheriff’s Office came after two separate incidents, in which folded dollar bills containing the deadly drug were found at a local gas station.
On both occasions the folded bills were found to contain a "white powdery substance inside," which authorities later tested positive for methamphetamine and fentanyl.
"This is a very dangerous issue!" the Giles County Sheriff’s Department warned in a Facebook post. "Please share and educate your children to not pick up any folded money they may find in or around businesses, playgrounds, etc., without using great caution and even alerting a parent or guardian." …Read the rest at Fox News