Texas Nationalism: The Hill I Will Die On #TEXIT

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(Daniel Miller, TNM) – If you are offended by the word “nationalist,” there are only two possibilities. Either you are a globalist, or you don’t truly comprehend how big the fight for our freedom really is.

Sitting right smack in the middle of the name of the organization to which I have given the last 17 years of my life is a word that has been maligned by those who oppose everything I, and most other Texans, value dearly. The truth is that some people have a freakish aversion to the word “nationalist” that borders on a phobia.

At a recent speaking engagement, I stood in the hotel lobby before I spoke and was advised that “some people in the room don’t like the word nationalist, so you might want to get out in front of it.” Not once at the speaking engagement did the word “nationalism” or “nationalist” come up other than when the host introduced me. No questions or objections were raised after my remarks when attendees had every opportunity to take me to task over the word.

The people in the room, it turned out, were excited about the idea of independence and its implications for their future. That vision of the future was predicated on Texas becoming a self-governing and independent nation. In that moment, as in many moments throughout the last 17 years, the room became full of newly self-aware Texas nationalists.

Often those who seem to raise the greatest alarm over the word don’t even understand what it…

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