#TEXIT – Could A Free Texas Defend Itself?

(Texian Partisan) People wonder if an independent Texas could stand on its own when it comes to defense. Here’s the TNM’s Daniel Miller with a quick video lesson. An independent Texas will be just fine.

First, who would invade? Unless you’re one of the leftist wackos who suggest the US would resort to violence in response to Texans voting, it’s hard to imagine who would try a military move on Texas.

Second, who would do the defending? Texas has roughly 28 million people, and it already has a 3-branch military. Would former US military members join a Texas defense force? Seems likely. Do Texans have enough personal guns to make a difference? Also seems likely, and I’ll volunteer my machine shop to convert those semi-auto AR-15 platforms into full auto for the Texas Army.

Third, how would we pay for it? If we used the same portion of our GDP for defense as the average NATO member, we’d have the 14th largest military…

Could A Free Texas Defend Itself? | Texian Partisan