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(TNM) – The Texas Nationalist Movement has reached a massive milestone in their petition to put a referendum on the statewide primary ballot in March 2024 that will ask voters the question: Should the State of Texas reassert its status as an independent nation?

To place the question on the Republican Primary ballot, the campaign needs 97,709 valid signatures. The campaign has so far exceeded 50,000 signatures and is steadily increasing the velocity of signatures gathered every day. With just under 30 days left to collect the necessary signatures, the Texas Nationalist Movement is gathering an average of 2,500 signatures a day.

“The political establishment continues to underestimate us, but the people of Texas are very much on our side – they want a vote on TEXIT, and that’s exactly what is going to happen,” said TNM President Daniel Miller. “TEXIT is on track to be on the ballot in March, and the voters will finally have an opportunity to make their voices heard – it’s up to politicians, the media, and the establishment to listen.”

“The closer we get to the deadline, the quicker these signatures come in,” said Miller. “Our volunteers have been working overtime in the field to talk to as many voters as possible. We’ve found that Texans believe the federal government is deeply broken and that Texans are better off charting our own path of independence.”

The petition landing page is located at TexitPetition.Com. Here, voters can find more information about the campaign, its goals, and…

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