Thanks to FakeBook, the Nashville Mass Murder Cover-Up Continues

(There is no sane explanation to this sick person’s actions, even in her own writings. But what’s as bad or worse than the ravings of an insane bigot? The insane, bigoted media and government officials who seek to cover it up! They especially covered up the multiple missed opportunities to stop her and continue to do so! She meticulously completed every other item on her prep list, so where is the video rant she made? – DD)

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​The Nashville Mass Murderer Was a Bigot but That’s NOT the Biggest Story Being Revealed

(America First Report) – Anyone who wants to hear or read the heinous vitriol written by Nashville mass murderer Audrey “Aiden” Hale can watch Steven Crowder reading it or read about it themselves at The Post Millennial. I’m not shy, especially when it comes to revealing the truth, but I’m not going to post any of the garbage here because the bigger story must be told.

The fact that Hale was a deranged and violent bigot is a big story, but the bigger story is the coverup. Now that we know she was loaded with hate, the measures undertaken by our own government, including multiple city, state, and federal agencies, to hide the manifesto should be considered criminal.

Here’s what the manifesto and Hale’s history demonstrate. Hale was mentally ill with gender dysphoria. She received “gender affirming care” to help her “transition.” Whether during this transition or after, she was indoctrinated into a radical leftist perspective of anti-White hatred that permeates across society today as a direct result of “wokeness” that drives both “white guilt” and anti-White actions.

The hideous mass murder she perpetrated against children was a result of this indoctrination. That’s not surprising and this won’t be the last incident because the “woke mind virus” will certainly lead to more violence. Unfortunately, it’s also not surprising that the woke powers-that-be were able to keep this damning manifesto under wraps for so long despite…

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