The Cracks Are Showing

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Establishment Republicans and Conservatism, Inc., are on their heels. Ignore the swamp, and fight for your home.

(The American Conservative) The law of exponentiality holds that small, almost imperceptible events slowly build until what appears to be a major cataclysm suddenly unfolds. It is the building of tiny cracks over time that eventually leads to the dam breaking, causing unimaginable destruction.
We are witnessing those tiny cracks now at an increasing rate in the political, economic, and cultural systems in the West, primarily the United States. They are building toward something that just a short time ago was unthinkable: the crumbling of the globalist American empire.
Of course, those who manage the empire rarely call it that, but rather use such amorphous terms as “the rules-based international order,” or the “post-World War II consensus.”…

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