The “Educator” behind the effort to remove Dixie from U of Alabama

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Inspired by professor’s advocacy, U. Alabama students work to get term ‘Dixie’ removed

Professor teaches course titled “Honors Oppression and Social Injustice”

(The College Fix) A University of Alabama professor’s desire to get the word “Dixie” removed from the school fight song has resulted in a student-led effort to do same.
Cassandra Simon, a 22-year veteran professor in the UA School of Social Work, has never gone to a school football game because of the song, according to Inside Higher Ed.
Last year, Simon (pictured) and other UA black academics “officially” asked the school to get rid of Dixie as, according to historian Tammy Ingram, the term is “often seen as offensive for ‘evok[ing] a very nostalgic and romanticized view of slavery.’”
Simon said in a letter to UA officials that Dixie “glorifies and vividly reminds many of the general acceptance of Blacks as non-equal and subhuman with an expectation that they be submissive.”
She suggested that “‘Bama” be used as a replacement, but added…Read the rest

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