The fight for the Arlington Confederate Memorial intensifies

(Gene Kizer, Jr., Charleston Athenaeum Press) – On Wednesday, October 18, 2023 approximately 45 Invited Consulting Parties to Arlington National Cemetery’s Section 106 Process required by the National Historic Preservation Act, gave three hours of Zoom testimony with regard to historical Adverse Effects and Mitigation if the 109 year old Confederate Reconciliation Memorial is removed.

The overwhelming majority strongly supported the Confederate Memorial and the tone was outrage at removing it.

There was only one detractor favoring removal though there were several parties who supposedly care about history but seemed neutral or weak. Many were SHPOs (State Historic Preservation Offices) who were probably afraid of being called names by leftists rather than preserving American history.

At least the SHPOs were not detractors, but anybody purporting to care about history should be outraged at the planned destruction of a 109 year old world class work of art in our nation’s most sacred burial ground, and they should speak up loud and clear — Americans do not destroy century old monuments to war dead in cemeteries.

You can find your State Historic Preservation Office easily with a Google search. Send them a nice email or call and tell them that destroying the Confederate Memorial will destroy Arlington National Cemetery and make IT a desecrator of 500 soldier graves that President William McKinley said were all tributes to American valor.

The Confederate Memorial is one of the most magnificent memorials on…

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